Where we act?

The Earthworm Foundation is a boots on the ground organization. Together with our partners, we go where wood is transformed into charcoal. Like all forest products, charcoal has an impact on natural ecosystems and people. We try to assure that the charcoal in our partners supply chains is considered responsible charcoal. In four years, our teams have conducted more than 150 field visits in nearly 15 countries to evaluate forest practices, manufacturing methods, working conditions and transparency across supply chains. Charcoal is produced and consumed around the world.

The following world map presents you selected countries. Just click on a country and experience more on charcoal. We separate between:

Country visited: Earthworm teams have been several times to the respective country and conducted several field assessments.

Country observed: Earthworm has not been to this country but keeps an eye on the charcoal sector. We provide you with basic information on issues and challenges connected to charcoal production and trade.